Week 17: wrapping it up

Has your viewpoint of social media changed?My viewpoint of how to utilize social media for a business has enhanced and I am now more aware of the best way to use social media as a networking and marketing platform. My viewpoint has changed because I now see the potential it has for businesses to gain a bigger audience by using it. During this semester, I was able to use all of the social media platforms to my advantage and learn more about what each one has to offer a business. It is important to understand the benefits each platform offers because one may work better for a business than another, so knowing which you want to use is key to using social media. Do you have a better understanding of how to use it successfully to develop a business?Yes, I definitely have a better understanding of how to use social media to successfully develop a business because this whole semester was about learning how to accomplish that. I now understand the different features each platform offers, so I…

Week 15b: Facebook Analytics

Facebook does a great job at letting business owners discover collected data from their pages in order to create a better experience. For this post, I analyzed Professor Faulk's data.

The Total Followers page allows you to see the total number of followers the page has, the time frame in months, and a chart that shows the timeline of the followers increasing overtime.

The Likes page shows organic likes in a light blue, paid likes in a darker blue, unlikes in red, and net likes in a dark blue line. This is shown over a timetable of a few months also, where there are quite a few unlikes and organic likes happening simultaneously. It also shows where the likes came from, which is very helpful to know and utilize for future likes. This is also the same for followers and how they are being tracked.

Page Previews shows the total page previews in the span of six days at a time. This also shows total people who previewed by age and gender. The line graph goes up, down, neutral, then back …

Week 15: Optimizing Yourself & the Company

When it comes to using Google Analytics for a small business, there are numerous features that help business owners improve their customer's experience. To start off, the reporting section is used to understand how customers interact with your site and apps. For my business, I feel that Advertising Reports are useful and should be checked everyday because it is important to know how your ads are converting and if they're intriguing to the audience.

 Under the data analysis and visualization section, Funnel Analysis is important to pay attention to because the tools help understand how the funnels are working. Also, an analysis of how what is working and what is not working in the funnels are being shown, which is useful for the business to know and improve on. Funnels are important because it is what the audience clicks and goes through in order to reach a call to action page, where they have the choice to engage or not.

There are many different features to choose from on this…

Week 13b: online advertising

With my business advertising, using banner ads could help boost the engagement of a product I am selling, which could stay on the banner for a while. Also, diversifying my online advertising across multiple social medias will help build my social presence across all channels. Being able to post videos and stories on my social media about what programs, content, or masterclass I am promoting will be beneficial to me and my audience.

Week 13: online advertising

Find 5 businesses similar to yours (large to small) and study the social advertising they use. In your opinion does their advertising seem effective?
Social advertising has become more effective as technology has progressed over the years. Every small or large business has mastered an effective way of online marketing to their customers. For instance, I've seen a company create a video that they post on Facebook explaining a problem that their business could solve. This attracts many people to watch because it's short, sweet, and to the point. It doesn't require much reading, it just allows the person in the video to connect to the watcher more and provide the most relevant information. Also, I've seen someone promote a program their selling or post pictures on their Instagram story trying to get more people aware of it. I personally think this type of social advertising is best because an Instagram story is easy and short to watch also, so more people will be willing t…

Week 11b

Matthew Dangyou Jason Bush Tracey Walz

Week 11: Email Marketing

Every business benefits from having a newsletter, even if they send out emails every so often. When it comes to my business, LifePeak, I will be using a newsletter and sending out information on various topics that will fit my audience best. Some topics may include: manifestation, law of attraction, life goals, motivation, etc. These topics will be interesting to my audience and it will teach them more about self-help, which will also allow them to become more intrigued in my business.
I wouldn't want to overwhelm my audience with emails, so I would send about one or two emails a week, just enough to grab their attention and not annoy them.