Week 5a: Target Market

For this weeks assignment, I have decided to pay closer attention to the Hungry Bear Deli and Subway websites. They are both sandwich shops, but not entirely similar when it comes to their specified niche.

When it comes to the basic observations, Hungry Bear Deli is most likely targeting middle-older aged adults who are looking for a gourmet sandwich spot to eat for lunch. On their website they promote high quality and fresh ingredients. Subway on the other hand is targeting children, families, and a younger college audience who are trying to get fast and easy sandwiches. Their website also mentions fresh veggies and smarter nutrition. I would assume Hungry Bear is aiming towards male customers because of the sandwiches looking more meaty and large portioned. While subway is aiming for female and male customers who are wanting slimmer and more simpler sandwiches, preferably easier to eat on the go.

There is definitely a crossover between the two different customers, such as they both …

Week 4b: Familiar Websites

Why are they effective?What specific principles of good design do they include and why?What makes you come back again?What could be improved? The two websites I visit frequently are and 
The reason I visit Amazon is because I am a Prime Member and I alway find the best deals through their site. Their site is effective because it offers customers many benefits to be a Prime member, even if you're not you still get great deals, and the orders usually come within a few days. The site has complementing colors and contrast that keep the site simple yet, interesting. Amazon includes "recently viewed" items on their home page and near the bottom of each page, which helps the customer remember what they were looking at. Also, they have recommended items, free movies with Prime, gift ideas, and their search bar is very useful because it has suggestions when you type something in.
The reason I come back to Amazon's website is be…

Week 4a: Aesthetics, Design, & Branding

Jami Lin
It would help if Jami fixed these problems by narrowing down her niche and knowing exactly what she wants to offer her audience. It would be easier to look at if there were 1-3 links leading to other informational pages about her product or service that are most crucial for them to be advised of. Also, sticking to a certain color pattern throughout the whole site would be beneficial to the reader and easier to read while scrolling around.
Gates N Fences
Gates N Fences has a busy website, with too much text going on, especially on the homepage. The colors throughout the site don't completely go together and create a color clash. There are images all over the site, not necessarily next to related information, causing the site to look too crowded. It would be helpful if the pictures were correlated to the text that is stated on the site. Also, there are too many links going down the right side of the page and even those pages have …

Week 3b: Analyzing Business's Social Media

Analyzing 5 Business's Social Media Presence

Manifestation Babe

Facebook: last post February 8th 2019.
Instagram: last post February 8th, 2019.
Twitter: last post January 21, 2019
Pinterest: last post February 8th, 2019.

Kathrin Zenkina is the founder of the brand, Manifestation Babe. Her page enlightens woman and some men to use spirituality (manifestation, universal laws) to create the business and engagement they desire. Kathrin's website has a lot of information to offer her clients, which she offers services and courses to help individuals on certain topics. She posts at least 5 posts a week and each post is geared towards her audience and how they could benefit from it. She posts on all social media platforms and even engages with her audience through comments, live stream videos, and even posts videos replying to her audience's comments alone. This is very beneficial to her because she is building crazy engagement with her audience and it mak…

Week 3: comments

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Week 3a: Communication

When it comes to communicating with a business, I feel that having a strong customer service team is essential to keeping customer's satisfied. Since calls are always being made to businesses, there needs to be a number of staff ready and available to answer any and all questions that customers may have about the products and/or services. With that being said, I still find it difficult being able to communicate with many businesses over the phone and even through their social media pages. Depending on the situation, the best way to get in touch with businesses is going to their store and talking to the staff in person. Although, I personally think it is very difficult to get in contact with staff at the Apple store, over the phone and in person, because they are always so busy with customers that it could take a while to speak to anyone. And even after speaking to someone, the problem may not be solved for another few days if they're booked with appointments.

Social media to m…

Week 2: Comments

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